Big River Steel Mill Tour

It’s a rare opportunity to watch the sparks fly out of the furnace of a steel mill. Due to dangerous conditions and a lack of opportunity, only a select group of people get to witness the steelmaking process. Many don’t even realize that it is such an impressive sight to behold!

That’s one of the reasons why we created Big River Steel’s VR app for the Grand Opening of their mill in Osceola, Arkansas. Not all the event attendees were able to take mill tours, so we passed out VR viewers and instructed them to download the app to experience a virtual tour of the world’s first Flex Mill™.

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The app went on to live beyond the Grand Opening event. For customers of Big River that can’t make a trip to Osceola, they’re able to download the app to get a look inside. By using VR technology, Big River builds relationships and engages their customers in a unique way, making them feel part of something bigger that most people never get the chance to see.

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